Episode 1 (the remix)

OK I re-uploaded a new version of the last/first episode. I know I should just keep moving forward but I am learning and figuring things out so I am moving forward in some/one way/s.

I made a new intro stinger, based on something in my head right before bed last night (the theme). It came out fine, not great, but certainly good enough for now. It’s dumb but whatever.

Then I went in to the song and fixed some of the vocal noise clipping. I understand what’s causing it upstream now but I’m not sure how to fix it. Seems like it might be an artifact of the mic, or the recording process in Garageband. I don’t get it. But I at least get how to remove it, so it’s mildly annoying but not the end of the world.

Also I stopped using the macros in audacity and forced myself to learn what was happening under the hood, which I think was immensely helpful. Still lots to learn but at least it’s not a total black box at this point.

I have already sketched in an idea for next week’s song so I feel like I’m ahead of the curve, or on it at least. Got a few days to tinker with it and if I keep using the same intro I’ll be in a good place.

S01x01 – I Want to Call Your Dad

Episode one is up and has been submitted so it should appear in Apple podcasts soon.

Will it appear on Spotify? It will NOT. I immediately got a take down notice from them. They weren’t specific but I assume it’s because the episode is mostly music, and they want you to upload music as singles/albums, not podcasts. This is why platforms are bad. What’s it to them how much talking vs music is in my podcast? That’s for me to decide, not them. Dumb.

So anyways who cares about Spotify.

Immediate learnings/things I need to understand better:

  • clipping noises in the vocals. must be an easy way to avoid that.
  • controlling volume. the 2nd piece I did as an intro seemed waaay louder than the song. how? why? what do I do about that? even with normalization it seemed off.
  • my audacity macros seem to take a little of the life/shine out of the music. how & why is that happening.

Anyways that’s that, onward.

Flight Prep

tags: prep; wordpress; lfg

OK I’ve done all the wordpress tinkering I can reasonably justify at this point. I even made a bunch of alternate header images in Canva that I have no earthly use for, given that no one knows about this site and no one is even looking at it plus this is a podcast and no one needs to subscribe to the blog.

Anyways so now I am working on recording and editing the first track. I had the idea when I got into bed last night and I’m about 85% done recording it as of 11am today. So I’ll finish that over the weekend and then the next part will be to figure out if all the podcast-level stuff is set up and working right. I mean I have set up none of it yet, but I assume I just google around about setting up a podcast feed and just go from there. Lots of people do it, I mean.