Flight Prep

tags: prep; wordpress; lfg

OK I’ve done all the wordpress tinkering I can reasonably justify at this point. I even made a bunch of alternate header images in Canva that I have no earthly use for, given that no one knows about this site and no one is even looking at it plus this is a podcast and no one needs to subscribe to the blog.

Anyways so now I am working on recording and editing the first track. I had the idea when I got into bed last night and I’m about 85% done recording it as of 11am today. So I’ll finish that over the weekend and then the next part will be to figure out if all the podcast-level stuff is set up and working right. I mean I have set up none of it yet, but I assume I just google around about setting up a podcast feed and just go from there. Lots of people do it, I mean.