S01x09 – ghost type

Trying to think about what to say about this song and there is literally nothing inside my brain. BUT this week you get exclusive behind the scenes found footage of me whistling my ideas to myself, which is excruciatingly cringe. But overall I’m going to give this song a solid B+ this week.

ETA 6/1/2023: When I first uploaded this track I had 3 minutes of talking about the music before & after the actual song, but it was annoying me and my friend Cheryl agreed it’s better without the talking. At least up front. I reserve the right to talk after tracks at a later date.


you started out at dusk
a broken caravan
across the village bridge
an orange shirted man

falling at the walls
of Lacunosa Town
growing in the light
a shape without a sound

follow close behind you
infiltrate your strike
burning down your barriers, your safeguards and the like
your shadow is your ghost
you know

liko died and left you in unova by yourself
lampent in the corner, you can leave tomorrow