At some point in the past few weeks 15 songs (demos, really) felt like Good Enough for S01. But more than that I was starting to drag my feet on each song because writing and recording vocals continues to be an extreme pain in the ass. Still haven’t decided what if anything I “do” with the songs from S01 – there are a few I could redo and pull into an EP, but I would definitely have to rerecord everything from scratch and that doesn’t sound fun or interesting or like a process I would learn much from at the moment. This could change!

In the meantime some new ideas started occurring to me and I’m more excited about that, so: S02.

I’ve written here (somewhere) before about the repetitive lines I get stuck in my head and my impulse to build songs around them. So I’m teasing that out a bit, and moving away from things that were a focus last time: lyrics, song structures, interesting & complicated chords. Moving more towards very repetitive, droney, loopy sounds. My inspiration here is definitely John Lurie, although the stuff I’m writing now already seems to be moving away from that, so who knows. But in any case, I doubt this will be a 15-song season, probably 5 or so, just some longer, more repetitive stuff. More meditative, really.

I went for a run yesterday and realized I run in 7/4 at about 80bpm, and a 30 minute song along those lines to listen to/zone out to while I run sounds very appealing, so maybe that’s what I’m building up to here. Who knows, not me, never me.