Literally Calling an Audible

Decided to slightly change things up for next week. Stylistically I like the idea of starting and finishing a whole song from scratch each week (which definitely happened weeks 1 & 2; week 3 was 8 measures of a half-baked idea I had kicking around that hadn’t been fleshed out yet) but for week 4 I’m using a song that was mostly written, so that I can focus more effort on the singing and mixing vocals part of the process. So I have to write the lyrics, record them, and then mix then, and then do a bunch of usual last minute touches/edits to finish the song. But in the instance of transparency, the music is already ~80% done from the jump this week.

I have a backlog of about ~40 songs in various states of disrepair, and of those about 5 I would consider unfinished but solidified concepts as songs, and this will be one of those.

Just noting it for the record.

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