S01x03 – Thumbs Maybe

Making progress, sorta, in places. Feel like I deserve a medal for having to listen to my own singing voice over and over for the past few days, but whatever.

Vocal mixing & editing is still a frustrating experience. Can’t tell what percentage is Me Being an Idiot and what percentage is Garageband Just Does it That Way. I made some progress this week, definitely, compared to last week. My singing definitely has its limits, which doesn’t help. In any case, progress not perfection.

A lot of the mixing issues that bug me are starting to be tiny little artifacts of Garageband, I guess? Or maybe I’m just starting to train my ear better. But for the most part the song is essentially how I envisioned it.

I had planned a 2nd verse/longer version at some point, but decided to skip that – the point is to learn, so the point is to find the critical path through the song, not to create a song with all the “perfect” “parts.” I also discarded an idea for a B section, for slightly different reasons. Building on the repetitive, one section stuff I tried/failed to do last week, it was interesting to try to create a song where things shift slightly but there’s really just one chord change happening over and over again. A song with two chords. Personally I like it.

A lot to learn about mixing harmonies as well, but whatever. I finished the song on time, moving onward.


I forgot to mention that I am aware my plosives are bad on this track, but didn’t feel like rerecording all the vocals. I also don’t feel like buying a better mic so I’ll just try to be more mindful of how I hit certain phonemes in the future.

Also this episode has an updated mix of the intro. Still need to mess with it more but it’s better.