S01x02 – Twin Suns

This one has been one nightmare after another. OK nightmare is an exaggeration but still.

I knew early on this song was going nowhere but just pushed through to keep up with the schedule/theme/process/etc. It was also clear early on this song wouldn’t work with lyrics, but I am mainly interested in learning more about recording & mixing vocals, so I had to go through with it even though I hated every second of it.

Plus: all kinds of technical problems, with garageband continually telling me I didn’t have enough memory to play the song. This has been a problem a few times and I’m not really sure what to do about it – I’ve deleted things, restarted, zapped the pram even, etc. It might just be an artifact of my computer being fairly old and rickety but there’s not much to do about that in the short term.

As a fix I was going to export the music from garageband and then record the vocals in audacity but that didn’t work for some reason I didn’t have time to figure out this week. So I finally was able to record some rough vocals in gb, they’re not good but the let me do the things I needed to do, aka Learn and Finish the Song.

I have more stuff to say about my The First Thing philosophy but that can save for another post.

Anyways I’m excited to not be working on this song anymore. Sorry if it’s your favorite thing that you ever heard.

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