S01x08 – unleaving

We’re back, after a lot of offline life stuff. Tried something different this week, put all my thoughts into the actual episode instead of typing them here. Feedback welcome. Enjoy at your own risk.

Another attempt at a song that doesn’t rely on a formal chord progression (I forgot the name of the other song that was like this, it’s Twin Suns, still my pick for Worst Song Yet.)

lyrics (as I mention on the podcast, inspired heavily slash stolen from Spring & Fall by Gerard Manley Hopkins:

from the doorway to the basement
your betrothal, your replacement
ever after, if you plan to
with your fresh thoughts care for can you

your mouth heard / what your mind said
in a corner / by a dark bed
where the best tool / was a blood test
when your heart heard / what your ghost guessed

someday you will leave me someday soon

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