S01x11 – 5MIL

Aaaand we’re back. June was a beast month, I wish I had more to show for it, but lots of family stuff that involved travel and I wasn’t able to record or write much on the fly. I’ve spend the last 2 weeks just noodling on this song, trying to finish it up. Which is sad b/c it was already mostly done. I wrote and recorded 90% of the music months ago – not sure when exactly, but the idea for this music has been kicking around for a while. Since progress has been slow lately I decided to dust off and finish an older piece rather than start fresh, especially since vocals/editing/mixing are still the parts I’m trying to spend most of my time on.

Also I hadn’t had much guitars lately so I wanted to have them in a song.

Overall I was really excited about this song until it came time to add the vocals. Aside from my singing inadequacies (sorry to anyone killed by those first few notes where I’m way off) the lyrics & melody did the song no favors. it was more fun without them. The song doesn’t really lend itself to verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure, so there’s that to contend with, but more than….idk. It just didn’t quite come together for me. I don’t hate it, I just don’t love it.

The lyrics are about the movie Aniara, which I watched recently and found devastatingly bleak!!!

In any case the most fun part was messing around with the vocal effects. This is the 2nd song i’ve posted with the topic of space travel as a theme, and I did (or tried to do) similar vocal effects but they came out very different both times. Not sure which is better.


we can turn around
in a year / maybe two
far away / there’s a place
with a way that will return us
to the life that we knew

we can adapt
and find a new way
in a few years
or maybe five
we’ll find hope and a map
and retrace our way back home across the stars
we’ll arrive.

we’ll arrive at a place
where the rest of us can figure out the rest
by year twenty four
we’ll replace parts of ourselves
and teach the new ones every thing they need to know
from the time before

it’s just how you frame the sight
you can see that space is empty
you can see that space is full of light

there’s few of us left
and the sound of space is a roar
but it’s just a few more years
maybe fifty
maybe more

maybe more
a hundred more
a million more
maybe more
maybe more