S01x13 – I Want to Call Your Dad (Part 2)

I can’t remember when/why I decided I wanted to redo the first song I posted here. Not even really redo – despite whatever ~growth I’ve had in understand music editing, that’s still one of my favorite things I’ve done here. But I felt like I explore the idea more. Not even “flesh it out” per se, but more “keep messing with it.”

I changed most of the instruments, besides also adding verses & bridges.

The main difference between this song and any other song I’ve ever posted here is that I have now taken one (1) singing lesson. I felt like it helped! I feel like it shows. We talked a lot about posture, breath, vowel sounds. He gave me things to practice and I have been practicing them. Recording the singing this week went about 90% easier than it ever has before, as a direct result. So yay for that.

Not sure Part 2 is objectively any better, musically/sonically, than Part 1. I also don’t know that the additional lyrics really flesh out much needed story about why the singer wants to call your dad sometime. But whatever, I learned some stuff and it was fun to make. the end.


he’s got a mansion on an island
a full-time staff of 23
he’s got a voice like honeyed thunder
he’s got a smile meant just for me

he asked me things
not just get to know you stuff, we really shared
what were my aspirations
what’s on my heart
the words fell out
I wasn’t scared

it felt safe
what’s communication anymore? who shares?
he seemed genuinely interested
i thought: someone cares

he smells strong, and clean
he seems genuinely kind
he so different yet familiar
somehow our politics align

i asked him finance advice
he said there’s no get rich quick
named some index funds, said to diversify
and that’s it, there’s no trick

it felt true
it felt right
as he told me how exactly to invest
it felt deep
it felt real
i said i would
he seemed impressed

hey: I wanna call your dad sometime